What is Build Your Own?

Build Your Own is a new take on traditional Training. For nearly 20 years, Excel Driver Services has offered specialized learning paths to over 110,000 drivers on the road today. Our Results Oriented Course Training (ROCT) allows self-motivated individuals to Build Your Own learning plan on their own time, and schedule the hard stuff with us.



How to Build Your Own Learning Plan

  1. Study the easy stuff at home
  2. Identify your coaching needs
  3. Schedule the hard stuff with our coaches

Benefits of Build Your Own

We recognize that there are many ways to get your CDL, and we believe that affordable quality training should be available to all drivers. By Building Your Own, you are able to pick & choose from a vast array of our training tools such as Simulation, Lectures & Hands-on training. In an attempt to bring affordable quality training, you are able to schedule training in blocks of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours & 8 hours to strengthen your skills as a driver.


After studying at home for 3 weeks, I still felt nervous for my state exam. In just a one-day of training, Excel was able to help me sharpen my backing skills and built my confidence going into my CDL test!!!! It was definetly helpful to have a professional there to answer all my questions about my test, Thanks!!