Results Oriented Course Training (ROCT)

A new approach to traditional training

It is our mission to provide you with the best instinctive training available. Results Oriented Course Training (ROCT) recommends daily activity modules to improve your skills in as little as 5 minutes a day. Drive Prodigy is available as your one-stop resource during training, and up to 1 year after graduation as our gift to you. Here you can review all Coursework, Job Aids, Supplemental Courses, & Recurrent Training Modules to add as Skills & Certifications on your resume. It is our highest hope that you use this resource to build your Elite Driver Profile & rank yourself as a Professional Truck Driver.


  1. Build a reputable transcript that follows you around the Industry, making you more hireable.
  2. Display your Elite Alumni Profile to show your skills and certifications
  3. Short & Engaging Learning Modules

Excel Safety Services

Here is your key to success, and the only factor stopping you from succeeding is yourself. Our ROCT courses coach bad driver habits and transform them into good driving skills by setting drivers on a learning path specific to their strengths and weaknesses. Our Alumni transcripts display driver achievements, skills & coursework showing their progression as a reputable driver. By adding & maintaining safe driving skills, bad driver habits transform into good driving skills and become more of an instinctual habit on the road.


Drive Prodigy - The World's First & Finest Integrated Communication Platform

Knowledge is power, the more you know, the better you can position yourself for success. Our mission is to "Awaken Instinctive Drivers" because we believe Quality will always succeed over Quantity. Drive Prodigy was built to display your learner's transcript all in one location and showcase your transcript alongside your resume. It allows you to access training records, browse jobs, connect with other Alumni, access Recurrent Training Modules, and become a Driver Leader in the Transportation Industry!  Drive Prodigy includes lifetime placement assistance to help ensure that your career aligns with your goals & is best fit for you.

Excel Driver Jobs

Excel Driver Jobs is built for you with one purpose in mind: Connect Drivers & Carriers in the most impactful way possible. Whether you are a New-Driver or an Experienced Owner-Operator, our team is dedicated to lifetime career placement support & we are here to help you find the best career that works best for you. After attaching a transcript to your resume, we want you to feel confident that your employer knows what you can bring to their team. By doing so, you can find the job that is best-in-line with your goals as an American Truck Driver.