AOI Driving Skills

AOI Driving Skills are Road maneuvers to be practiced as directed from the Area Of Improvements section on your Drive Prodigy User Account Page. AOIs are "Areas Of Improvements" are determined by instructors to practice your weak skills.

Basic CDL Road

The First time behind the wheel of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) may seem overwhelming at first. There are many skills that go into operating a CMV, and how that Professional Truck Driver executes these skills identify them in a crowd. Once you have a complete understanding of operating components on a Class A CDL vehicle, you will be ready to hit the road in our Instructor-led environment.

Free Drive

Free Drive is open to Driver Leader Judgement based on previous AOIs to provide student strength training

Colfax Route

Colfax is an advanced route that has a heavy emphasis on progressive shifting in heavy traffic. This will require the driver to maintain their lane in small congested areas while staying calm and collected around heavy traffic.

Sheridan/Wadsworth Route

This Intermediate driving route will train in various amounts of traffic, generally ranging from medium to heavy congestion. You will have an emphasis on fuel management, turning, shifting and intersection analysis during this drive.

104th route

This beginner route has light traffic, which is best for practicing shifting and turning in the real world.