Real World Backing

Real World Backing is based on individual student AOIs. Specific backing maneuvers will be chosen by instructors and trained at a location of their choosing.

Backing Maneuvers

Backing accounts for 1/3 of your final test score that will determine if you possess the experience to operate a CMV safely & effectively. Backing maneuvers include:
1. Straight Line
2. Offset Left
3. Offset Right
4. Parallel Site-side
5. Parallel Conventional
6. Alley Dock
7. Serpentine

While all of these skills are building blocks that demonstrate a driver's backing competence, the final evaluation will only cover 3 maneuvers picked at random.


The Serpentine Maneuver is the most challenging backing maneuver to master. It is a combination of multiple-partial offset backing maneuvers. This maneuver is not recommended unless it is the only option to work within the bounds of a situation.

Test course

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