• Ergonomically correct Spartan Chassis Cab drivers station.
  • 230 degrees Out-the-window horizontal field of view;

Critical for positive training of thoroughly clearing an intersection

  • Full interior cab renderings, including mirrors, A & B pillars, and sight lines throughout the geo-world that are geometrically correct from the drivers eye point.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Models: Engine / Pumper, Aerial / Ladder (changeable water / fluid volume capacity features).
  • Fully Functional Emergency Equipment Console;

– Complete with light switches, PA4000 siren, and more.

  • Force feedback steering system.
  • 5.1 surround sound w/seat shaker.
  • Frame construction built with aluminum to reduce weight.
  • One (1) computer to operate the simulator and the instructor station;

Two thirds the industry standard power requirements Reduces heat production and probability of electronics failure.

  • One (1) Year warranty included;
  • Extended warranty packages available.

  • Upgrade to a full motion cab for a more realistic training environment.
  • Software upgrades included (*)
  • * Software upgrades included as long as the system is covered under warranty.