Genesis Series

Genesis Series

Genesis Systems combine realistic driving feedback in a compact footprint. The most capable system in the market for mobile applications, the Genesis Series delivers results to all industry applications with custom cab designs, fit for your specific training needs.

Genesis Series Simulators

Tried & True Industry Leading Power, Servicability, Weight & Class.


  • Ergonomically correct driver station
  • OEM Vehicle Components
  • OEM Vehicle Dynamics
  • 230 degrees horizontal field of view
  • Full interior cab renderings
  • 100% aluminum chassis
  • Geometrically correct driver point-of-view
  • Single computer operation console
  • 5.1 surround sound

Industry Implementation

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Law Enforcement
  • United States Military
  • Fire Response
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Public & Private Transit Bus


Key Features

  • Built to last. Our aluminum cabs are light and stable for long term use.
  • Ergonomically correct fully functional cabs with OEM components.
  • Emergency equipment console with fully functional emergency light switches and sirens.
  • BoneKrusher™ force feedback steering with a true mechanical hardstop is the most realistic in the industry.
  • 230° field of view screens in high definition create an immersive user experience.
  • SimCommand is fast and easy to use while training. Our system easily controls the training interface and documents findings on scenarios to provide the highest quality user experience.
  • Mobile capable system. Our systems are built to withstand long-term mobile training use.
  • 5.1 surround sound with a tactile transducer in-seat for curb strikes, road feels and terrain changes.

User Experience

  • Multiple vehicle models to choose from.
  • Training for basic operation, emergency response and specialty learning environments.
  • Add or script weather, terrain and vehicle behaviors to cater the user experience.
  • Train collision avoidance in any scenario.
  • Use our training curriculum or build your own custom experience.
  • Combine simulation scenarios with existing training to develop desired skills.


  • 3-DOF Motion
  • Mobile Data Terminal
  • Firecom
  • Recording Studio

Genesis Series™ Light Duty Models

  • Ford F-Series
  • Dodge Charger
  • Chevrolet Tahoe

Light Duty Vehicles Include:

  • Emergency Consoles
  • Pump Switch Panels
  • Virtual Laptops On-Screen (MDT’s)
  • Virtual GPS On-Screen
  • Siren
  • Radio Dispatch

Genesis Series™ Heavy Duty Models

  • Spartan Metrostar
  • Navistar 4300 Series
  • ProStar Semi-Tractor
  • International Navistar C-Type School Bus

Heavy Duty Vehicles Include:

  • Emergency Consoles
  • Pump Switch Panels
  • Virtual Laptops On-Screen (MDT’s)
  • Virtual GPS On-Screen
  • Siren Pannels
  • Radio Dispatch
  • Manual and/or Automatic Transmissions
  • Air Brake Controls