Backing accounts for 1/3 of your final test score that will determine if you possess the experience to operate a CMV safely & effectively. Backing maneuvers include:
1. Straight Line
2. Offset Left
3. Offset Right
4. Parallel Site-side
5. Parallel Conventional
6. Alley Dock

While all of these skills are building blocks that demonstrate a driver's backing competence, the final evaluation will only cover 3 maneuvers picked at random.

You will be tested on 3 backing maneuvers including:
• Forward Stop, Straight Line Backing
• Offset Back / Right or Offset Back / Left

AND 1 of the following:
• Parallel Park (Driver Side)
• Parallel Park (Conventional)
• Alley Dock

Other Key Points When Backing
Remember the 1-2-3 Rule
1. Get the trailer in the line with the place you seek to be in.
2. Push the front of the trailer in line until straight
3. Steer the front of the truck inline

You must get step #1 right if not, the other steps don’t matter!
Don’t oversteer. None of these exercises require heavy steering.
Never steer to the bump stops. This applies excessive pressure to the steering gear box seals and will damage them.

Avoid energy drinks, or excessive caffeine.

Above all, in every exercise on the exam you cannot allow yourself to become angry, stressed or frustrated! You WILL make more mistakes if you are not calm. Simply focus on the task at hand and remember your training.

Course prerequistes: 
1. Valid CDL Permit 2. Current DOT medical card 3. Valid US driver's license
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