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Colfax is an advanced route that has a heavy emphasis on progressive shifting in heavy traffic. This will require the driver to maintain their lane in small congested areas while staying calm and collected around heavy traffic. The driver student will work specifically on: Traffic Lights, Sign Recognition, Stop and go traffic, Upshifting / Downshifting, Pedestrian Awareness and Lane Control

Colfax Route

1. Head West on I-76 and Merge onto I-70
2. Exit onto HWY 6 (Colfax Ave)
3. Drive Approximatley 7 miles East on Colfax and turn around where safe
4. Drive approximatley 5 miles West on Colfax and turn around where safe (preferrably before I-70)
5. Drive Approximatley 5-7 miles East on Colfax
6. When Safe, come to a complete stop and either swap out drivers or continue onto your next training module

If there are multiple students training in the truck during this route, Sudents can change between driving and spectating at the Instructor's descretion at any time.

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