Excel Driver Services

This Intermediate driving route will train in various amounts of traffic, generally ranging from medium to heavy congestion. You will have an emphasis on fuel management, turning, shifting and intersection analysis during this drive. The Objective of this route is to practice Left and Right Turns. This Route is 59 miles and takes approximatley an hour and a half to complete.

Sheridan Wadsworth Route

1. Right out of Excel Yard
2. Head West on I-76 to Sheridan
3. North on Sheridan
4. Left on 72nd
5. Right on Wadsworth
6. Right on 80th
7. Left on Sheridan
8. Left on 88th
9. Righton Wadsworth
10. Right on 92nd
11. Left on sheridan
12. Left on 104th
13. Right on Old Wadsworth
14. Right on 128th (Uptown)
15. Left on Indiana
16. Left on 64th
17. Right on ward
18. Left on 44th
19. Merge onto I-70 East

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