Knowledge of Commercial Vehicle Inspections (Pre-Trip); Basic Control Skills Competency (Backing and Confined Space Skills); Road Skills Certification to American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Standard; Ground Guidance; Coupling and Uncoupling / Sliders and Locking Pins; Basic Controls; Progressive Shifting; Solution-Based Driver System©; Rollover Prevention; Inclement Weather; Journey Management; CSA 2010 and Out of Service Criteria; Accident Procedures; Driver Qualifications; Health and Wellness; Whistle Blower; Drug and Alcohol Awareness; Hours of Service; Driver Etiquette in the Workplace; and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting. All Entry-Level driver training requirements were met as set forth in FMCSR for entry-level driver training in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503 as stated. This certificate serves as evidence for Proof of Training according that this individual in mention is qualified under the minimum standards as set forth in Section 49, Part 383 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR 383) to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle in accordance with these standards as stated. The above mentioned is certified to all entry-level standards as an apprentice driver in the workplace according to these principles.

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