Light-duty Commercial Fleet Training

This custom-designed program provides critical knowledge and principles using our Solution-Based Driver Criteria, which is an advancement from typical Defensive Driving or Smith System training criteria. It is intended to allow companies to accomplish their own training and evaluation, focusing on developing critical knowledge in situation awareness, advanced driving principles and behavior that encourages drivers to see more than typical training. Instructor materials are provided to use as key guidance tools for clients. Class to cover presenting the material, defining the training process, vehicle classifications and student grading. This program covers awareness of Driving Environments; Backing and confined area training as well as Pre-Trip Assessment; Driver Characteristics, and a full dynamic series of critical training importance to daily operation. Instructors will learn a standardized method for Driver Competency. We also offer our Drive Prodigy™ database for tracking and training of drivers in the workplace.

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Light-duty Commercial Fleet Training AOI Evaluation
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