Project Shepherd

Customized to fit each unique customer's needs, Excel Driver Services is proud to announce our full line of Project Shepherd - Train the Trainer programs for you. For companies that seek "training standardization", Excel offers an array of specialty programs for the specific purpose of having classes when and where YOU need them.

Using Excel programs and products, we partner with our customers to train key safety employees; then provide material, online resources, and our expertise to manage your program in an effective manner. Using this process, your staff can obtain certification for various training, and then be able to administer our program in-house.

Excel Driver Services provides standardized training and contractor evaluation to ensure quality control, and minimize risks of exposure and liability. Through standardization, we strive to minimize unnecessary duplication of efforts and expenses, while ultimately making the workplaces and roadways a safer environment.

Under a license agreement, Excel can train and certify drivers to train in a standardized manner using quality materials and the most advanced training in the industry today. After selecting the certifications that your mentor/instructor requires, we will ensure that they meet the safety qualifications and criteria to best

Excel can provide a variety of solutions for our customers:

Training for Instructor
Excel Training Tracker
Training Forms
Training Materials Supplied Direct to our customers
Established training routes
Instructor Reviews for Continuity

Program schedule
Novice CDL Simulation Training
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