E-Logs: Driving the Drivers out of Driving

November 13, 2018

E-Logs: Driving the Drivers out of Driving
Experienced Drivers in Transportation at all time low

Henderson, Colorado: Experienced Drivers that don’t like ELDs can start a career as a CDL Instructor, make good money & be home every night. The early December 2017 implementation of ELDs has forced experienced drivers out of the transportation Industry at an alarming rate. With experienced drivers leaving the industry, the truck driver shortage continues to grow. This poses a large problem for America’s carriers who are not only struggling with the driver shortage, but are also having to turn to new-hire drivers with little to no driving experience which as a result is increasing accidents over the road.

America needs truck drivers to keep our economy moving, ensure food is on our tables & gas is in our fuel tanks. According to Excel Driver Services CEO Jason Emery:

“There is no doubt Trucking in America allows our economy to thrive. If America has a driver shortage, who is expected to fill these driver jobs?”

Carriers in America have tried to address the driver shortage by increased sign-on bonuses, added benefits, different hours, different routes, but often this is not enough to retain experienced drivers who at the end of the day do not want to make the transition to ELDs.

CDL Instructors can expect state-of-the-art training tools, curriculums and driver paths that revolve around one idea: American Drivers need tools built by drivers for drivers. The benefit of training tools being built by drivers for drivers, is the growth of driver comradery. Experienced Drivers can now become educators and contribute to a community of professional drivers in America and make the roads safer for all.

For Drivers who value their experience in the transportation industry, there are new opportunities to take that experience & turn it into a new industry career. Professional drivers who no longer want to deal with e-logs can transition into a Monday-Friday salary paid Job at Excel Driver Services from $52,000-$62,000 + Benefits. Excel offers New and innovative ways to coach drivers professionally and reduce traffic fatalities & liabilities with Hands on Training, Simulation Training and Classroom Training.

About Excel Driver Services: Founded in 2001, The Excel DS team has more than 300 years combined driving experience. Our community of Professional Drivers & Educators have trained over 110,000 drivers on American roads today. For more information on CDL instructor positions, call us today at 303-942-8002 or learn more at https://exceldriverservices.com/cdl-instructors