Giving Back: Starting Driver Training Young

October 27, 2018

New Driver Training Teaching life-saving skills young.

Henderson, Colorado: Excel Driver Services has a track record of high-intensity skill training for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers since the late 1990's. It is our strong belief that we are able to coach bad-habbits into strong-skills.

In early 2000, Jason Emery - CEO was headed home after work and came accross an accident outside of his neiborhood. He happened to be first on the scene. Being the first responder on the scene, Jason accessed the situation and called 911 for assistance. The tragety involved 4 Highschool Seniors on their way to prom when their car was struck at an intersection.

At this time in the early 2000s, Excel Driver Services had only offered CDL Training. After accessing the situation, Jason felt that if the young drivers involved in the car accident had practiced some basic driving techniques from the already-popular CDL classes, then this accident may have been avoided and these young drivers would have made it to their Senior Prom.

Today Excel offers multiple courses - more than just CDL driving courses. In an effort to Give Back to our community, We offer Teen Driving Classes at the lowest rate to teach the fundemental skills to new drivers.

Our Teen Driving Class covers 5 total days, 6 or more hours behind the wheel with a professional driving instructor, and a free driver test. The last day of the course, we ask that parents or guardians of the students participate in a final lecture where we wrap-up lessons learned and what to watch for on the road to be a safe driver for yourself and all others on the road.

In an effort to Give Back to our community, Jason Expanded the program offerings at Excel Driver Services. Excel also offers:

  • Defensive Driving EDAP course to bring awarenesss to defensive driving and lower insurance costs
  • Elderly Evaluations to certify that your loved-on is able to drive safely on the road
  • Driver Placement Assistance for all past students and Alumni

For more information, on any classes mentioned in this article, please Contact Us!