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Simulation-Based Training

Simulation prepares a driver physically, Mentally and Behaviorally for the challenges of operating a vehicle under various conditions, without risk of costly incidents. With Simulation you can experience more hazardours situations in an hour than you will in a week of driving an actual vehicle. Our Learning Programs analyze driver-specific skills and generate "driver-specific" task-loading activities (simulation scenarios) allowing trainees to develop perceptual skills for hazard recognition and appropriate vehicle handling techniques. In addition, our curriculums teach skills in a structured sequence and measures the trainees’ performance as they demonstrate those skills. The ability to provide timely feedback on each scenario serves to motivate trainees by showing them how to improve their performance. As the trainee experiences the scenarios and practical hands-on (drill-and-practice) training, the trainee will progress from simple basic controls to more complex skills development through execution, feedback, learner control and replication.

Results Oriented Simulation Systems

ROSS, our Results Oriented Simulation System is the perfect complement to Awakening Driver’s Instincts. Our simulators and custom scenarios are driven by driver-specific learning paths; aimed to bring instinctive driver behavior on the road. ROSS ensures proper & effective training every time. Our simulators ensure the quality of training is specific to your individual needs and specific requirements career every time.

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Virtual Reality with our unique See-Thru integration (VRST)

With our VRST technology, you can compliment any of our simulation systems adding a
Virtual Reality option. In our VR world, you actually see your hands and the cab controls
so the physical world is actually integrated with VR, giving you the best possible
experience. The more real the experience, the more you benefit from simulation
training. See More Virtual Reality here

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We can train your students or we can Train your team to utilize these simulation
systems most efficiently and effectively.

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