Chad B

Instructors are very knowledgeable at what they are teaching. It was a stress free environment. At first I felt like to much knowledge was thrown at us at once. After the first few days I caught myself catching on rather quickly to most things. I think the course and future students would benefit greatly if the class was a little longer. I say this because each student learns differently and each student has strengths and weaknesses. Each student needs to focus more time on their weaknesses and less time on their strengths. Lary was very enthusiastic and encouraging every day sharing his knowledge that he had as a subject matter expert in his feild. He was also very calm when I as a student made mistakes. We talked through them and came up with actions on how to fix the mistakes for next time, to better myself as a driver. Greg was also very helpful and patient in giving us tips and tricks to different maneuvers. Instructors were very professional and accommodating to students needs. Overall the course was very well organized and put together and I learned a great deal of knowledge.