Truck Driving Simulator - Genesis Series T680 Model

Genesis Series T680 driving simulator

  • OEM components work as a real vehicle does
  • Experience pre play & Clutch brake.
  • The Optional air system includes actual air loss feel & sound when braking.
  • Five high-resolution monitors give drivers an accurate 230゚ field of view, with proprietary head motion tracking software that accentuates the drivers’ head movement & the overall cab field-of-view.

The instruments and gauges are mapped to replicate the vehicle, entirely offering the assurance that the simulated vehicle is acting as it would on the road. During training scenarios an overhead view of the vehicle allows the driver to see precise vehicle articulation.

Operators Control Console

the Operators Control Console or “OCC” expands the capabilities of the T680 truck driving simulator.
Observe multiple points of view. Replay functionality allows the instructor to review experience with trainees who discover improvements. A vast array of manual adjustments can be performed during operation, such as weather, distractions, traffic variant & vehicle failures. The Instructor has the ability to store data on individual trainees’ performance.


The shifter is complete with a range selector and gear splitter providing training for any type of truck transmission, any gear ratio, synchronized or non synchronized. Eaton style truck transmission shifter for 8-10-13-18 speed transmissions are available at the flip of a switch.

OEM Dash Components

  • Instrument cluster
  • Throttle pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Clutch pedal
  • Ignition switch
  • Steering column includes:
  • • Turn signal lever
    • Wiper control buttons
    • With sprayer function
    • Low/High
    • Intermediate

  • 10-way adjustable electric HO Bostrom seat with tear proof fabric
  • Center instrument panel
  • • Simulator overhead view switch
    • Head lights switch
    • Cab blower control
    • Mirror Controls

  • Engine brake buttons
  • • Off, Low, medium and high
    • Electric Parking brake switch
    • Electric Trailer brake switch
    • BoneKrusher™ force feedback steering controller

  • Eaton style truck transmission shifter for 8-10-13-18 speed transmissions

  • 5.1 Dolby digital theater sound
  • 5 – 1920 x 1080 resolution LED Screens
  • 200w Seat transducer for curb strikes and changes in terrain
  • 2 - 720p webcams to monitor student during exercises
  • One (1) Computer per simulator and IOS
  • Constructed of readily available "off the shelf" components
  • On-board scenario developer function (included on all sims at no charge)

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